Sylistically manic, artistically brilliant, AJ Finney is an eclectic Midwesterner with a passion for the psychedelic scene of the Sixties. Comedy, jam bands and Volkswagens — that’s him.

He’s an eco-friendly, improvisational, sometimes philosophical, patchouli-soaked quipster. AJ’s organic approach is refreshing and his poetic stream of consciousness style makes for a colorful and unforgettable comedic experience. His audience (much like the Deadheads) are finding him through alternative venues such as music festivals, head shops, and record stores.

AJ joined top talent in a country-wide tour in 2015. In 2014, AJ was crowned “Best of the Midwest” winner at Gilda’s LaughFest in Grand Rapids. He was also featured on the FOX television show Laughs, and was one of the 100 performers chosen for Season 8 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. In 2013, he was a semifinalist in Comedy Central's Up Next. He was a finalist in the 2011 San Francisco International Comedy Competition. He was voted “Best in Fest” at the 2011 Detroit LaughFest and was a finalist in HBO’s Lucky 21 comedy competition.

AJ is an effective and engaging storyteller with a rhythm that quickly pulls you into his world. You'll laugh until you leave and then later you'll laugh again.

Colfax Comedy FEst headliner


Other top performers

ben bryant


Ben Bryant is an accomplished stand-up and sketch comedian. A loosely flowing absurdist with top improvisational skills, Ben has established himself as a Denver comedy staple.  Ben has performed at some of the best clubs in the country, including Comedy Works, The Improv, The Laugh Factory, Zanies, and many of the countries' best alternative comedy shows, including Arguments and Grievances, and 7 Minutes in Purgatory.  Ben’s monthly comedy show “GUEST LIST” was voted one of the “Best Comedy Nights in America” by The Interrobang, and has released 5 albums featuring more than 70 of Denver’s best comics. Ben has appeared on Huffington Post, The Denver Post, and the Denver Westword, and has been a part of the High Plains Comedy Festival, Accidental Comedy Festival, Memphis Comedy Festival, Bird City Comedy Festival, Crom Comedy Festival, and Savage Henry Festival, and has opened for big dog comedians like Rory Scovel, Mark Normand, Taylor Tomlinson, and Adam Cayton-Holland. Ben’s new stand up EP “Classic” is available now via Middlename Records.

jake Flores


Jake Flores’ material has gotten him raided by the government, retweeted by everyone from Tom Morello to Bette Midler, and published in The New York Times. His stuff has been quoted on CNN by Wolf Blitzer and taught at Yale. He has appeared on The Majority Report, Chapo Trap House, Cumtown, Fun Fun Fun Fest, SXSW, Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, Comedy Cellar Radio and has been shouted out on The Joe Rogan Experience and The Doug Stanhope Podcast. He has toured around the country and opened for Doug Stanhope, Tig Notaro, Greg Fitzsimmons, Jim Norton, Felipe Esparza and Patton Oswalt.


He’s signed to Stand Up! Records and tours regularly while not running his popular Brooklyn show, Yoko. Previously the author of The Observer’s satire column “A Millennial Reviews,” he’s currently the creator and host of radical political comedy podcast Pod Damn America. All this while working at a restaurant and living in a squat with no heat. What a country.

Nancy Norton

Nancy Norton.jpg

Nancy Norton is the 2018 Winner of the Boston Comedy Festival and the only woman to ever win that festival since it began 20 years ago.


Born the 4th of 3 children, Nancy thrives on the attention from strangers. She began touring as a standup comedian in 1991 and tours nationally and internationally, headlining clubs, colleges, cruises and USO tours.


Norton is known for delivering high energy, face-paced shows that connect with universal truths through her in the moment and intuitive style.


You may have seen Nancy Headlining at Comedy Clubs or on various TV showcases over the years: doing standup on "Evening at the Improv" on A&E, currently on Amazon Prime Video, in her one-woman show, "The Yellowish-Green Girl" on PBS and featured on Nickmom Night Out on Nickelodeon.

John Novosad

John Novosad.jpg

John Novosad, a.k.a. Hippieman, is a stand-up comedian based out of the Comedy Works in Denver, Colorado. He’s performed in clubs, theatres and bars across the country for over thirty years. John grew up in Boulder, Colorado.

Making his network television debut on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, John followed that up with a second performance on the Ferguson show. He’s also appeared on Bryon Allen’s nationally syndicated Comedy.TV.

Ben Kronberg

Ben Kronberg.jpeg

Ben Kronberg performs at clubs, colleges and cool fuckin rock venues all across the country. He also has his own Half Hour Special on Comedy Central, and has performed stand up on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Last Comic Standing, Last Call With Carson Daly and John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Showcase.


Elliot Woolsey.jpg

Rowdy, Witty, and Relatable comedian Elliot Woolsey entertains audiences around the county with his stories of growing up tall, Mormon, and stoned in the suburbs of Denver Colorado. 

Winner of the prestigious Comedy Works New Faces Contest, Elliot has gone on to become a weekend staple at Comedy Works, sharing the stage with the likes of Norm Macdonald, Chris D’Elia, Jay Pharroh and many more.



An obvious only child, Monna is a quick witted 27 year old stand up comic with her roots in Fort Wayne, IN.

She moved to Fort Worth, TX at the end of 2014 to pursue her career in stand up and now features regularly at the Hyena's Comedy Club locations in Plano, Dallas and Fort Worth, the Improv Comedy Clubs in Arlington and Addison as well as The Velveeta Room in Austin. Monna has worked with Dan Cummins, Pauly Shore, and most recently she featured for Theo Von at the Addison Improv. She can be seen performing at clubs and headlining bars all over the country.


Monna balances her dark sense of humor with nuanced wordplay and silver linings as she delves into personal stories that primarily address romantic relationships, family and mental illness.

MAtt cobos


Matt Cobos is a comedian and one-dude party based out of Denver, Colorado. His fun, rock 'n' roll, party attitude quickly gets audiences to want to have fun with him. He also says "dude" and "hell yeah" a lot. Like, too much. He has performed on the High Plains and Crom Comedy festivals, and was a finalist in the 2017 Comedy Works New Faces Contest. Overall, Matt Cobos is just a party dude with a party 'tude and he just wants to party with you. Hell yeah.

Byron Graham


Byron Graham is a writer, comedian and gentleman thief from Denver. Co-host of Designated Drunkard: A Comedy Drinking Game, the deathless Lion's Lair open mic and the Mutiny Book Club Podcast, Graham also writes about comedy for Westword. He cannot abide cowardice and he's never been defeated in an open duel.



Andie Main is a Portland raised comedian who just moved to Denver because it fucking rules. In 2018 she wrote and moderated the show A Town Hall with Paul Ryan starring Chris Fairbanks, which toured in midwestern swingstates the day after Paul Ryan announced his retirement. There is no possible reason that Paul Ryan retired other than him having seen the posters. 


In Portland, Andie kept busy by producing/hosting The Doug Fir Lounge's summer series The Cool Kids Patio Show, and her monthly series called Revolution Comedy, which organized fundraisers for progressive causes like Planned Parenthood, The ACLU, and Don't Shoot PDX. At this bizarre moment in our nation's history, her efforts have contributed over $10,000 to #theresistance.


Festival credits include Bridgetown., The Comedy Exposition, repeated appearances at SF Sketchfest and The All Jane Comedy Festival, The 208 Festival, Bumbershoot, Seattle Sketchfest, Portland Pride, Treefort Festival and Cromfest. She has recently performed for sold out crowds at UCBeast, UCB Chelsea and The Stand Nightclub in NYC, and esteemed shows in LA like Put Your Hands Together. When in Portland she is a fixture on the NW circuit and a regular at Helium Comedy Club.


In her spare time she enjoys taking hikes with her not-so-smart dog, pizza, making weird art, nature documentaries and yelling about the patriarchy.

Allison Rose


Allison Rose is a Denver comedian and writer. Born on a quiet farm in Kansas, she came into her own on the loud stages of Denver dive bars. Marked by her thoughtful wording and unabashed honesty, Allison isn't afraid to discuss anything on stage. She has been featured on the Denver edition of 50 First Jokes; Yuck Fest; and the High Plains, Red Clay, and Savage Henry comedy festivals. She co-hosts the Denver chapter of We Still Like You and a weekly showcase at Dean Ween's Honeypot Lounge.

Zeke herrera


Zeke Herrera hit Denver with a vengeance, bringing his small-town wisdom to the big(ger) city. He delivers jokes with an aw-shucks rhythm that makes his sharp punchlines even more of a surprise. His topics show that he has far more political savvy than one would assume from his folksy delivery, and he takes on topics like gun control, sexism, and politics with whimsical yet sensible takes. The up-and-comer has amassed an impressive amount of fans online and in person. He appears regularly on local shows and was invited to partake in the crown jewel of Denver Comedy, the High Plains Comedy Festival. Check out Zeke on stage and on Twitter at @MurderMtnDew.

ALSO Starring

Derek Meyers


Derek Meyers did his first open mic in 2015, when he made a New Year's resolution to stop not doing stand-up comedy. He could have made it a New Year's goal to start doing stand-up comedy, but he does not have that kind of insight. Derek didn't get to telling actual jokes on stage until the fall of 2017. That's when he fell in love with the craft of a well-timed fart joke. Immature as he may be, his comedy is fun, endearing, and full of surprises; with a few swears here and there. You can see him performing on stages all over the Twin Cities, and even in some first-ring suburbs if he can find a ride.

Jenny Allison


Jenny Allison originally hails from Boston, MA, where she spent her formative years drinking copious amounts of Dunkin coffee. This upbringing has resulted in a comedic style that is high-energy, silly, and - in true Boston fashion - a little bit loud and a little bit rude. Upon hearing her perform for the first time, Jenny's mother commented that she "probably" laughed! That is currently Jenny's only credit. Jenny now resides in Colorado and works during the day as a software sales-person. When she's not working or performing, she enjoys playing the piano, rock-climbing, eating, and complaining about Colorado's terrible drivers. She is thrilled to be performing on the Colfax Comedy Festival as her festival debut!

Kira MagCalen

Kira MagCalen.jpg

Kira MagCalen is an artist, comedian, and “one of those creative types.”  She has been part of ComedyWorks’ Funny Final Four and performed as part of High Plains Comedy Festival, Red River Comedy Festival and will be part of the upcoming Southwest Bike and Comedy Festival. She’s known for her sharp writing and intimate style, and not liking to sit correctly in chairs.

Currently, she hosts Blank Slate Comedy and co-hosts the Denver Chapter of We Still Like You.

Michael Isaacs

Michael Isaacs_edited.jpg

A Denver transplant from Tennessee, Michael Isaacs has polarized audiences throughout the US South and Southwest. He has worked with many disinterested national headliners who would not want to be mentioned here. He's pretty good, though. Trust me, I'm him.

Meghan DePonceau

Meghan DePonceau Headshot.JPG

Meghan E. DePonceau is both a professional giggle maker & hooch slinger, with blood made of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. DePonceau left behind her previous career, as a ruthless bookie in Buffalo, NY  to pursue her passion in the defensive dark arts of stand up comedy, in Denver, CO. Currently she the host/producer of unCORKED! & Charlie Foxtrot and "Chief of Butts" at Her writing has been published by Funny or Die, Suspect Press, Barf Magazine and her storytelling has been featured on RISK! & Narrators podcasts.  Meghan regularly performs at Helium Comedy Club & Comedy Works, known inventor of “Taco Pasta”, while also performing at High Plains Comedy Festival, Crom Comedy Festival,  Savage Henry Comedy Festival, Beast Village Comedy Festival, Altercation Comedy Festival and on the Loosen the Bible Belt tour.  DePonceau is fluent in three dead languages, two of which she killed with her bare hands.

edward bell

edward bell_headshot.jpg

Edward Bell was raised in the toughest corn fields of eastern Iowa. He now performs stand up comedy in Denver, CO. He hosts the Vail Comedy Show and produces the Carabiner Comedy Show. He has been a part of the Denver Improv Festival and the Tower City Comedy Festival. He used to live in a van, but now he doesn't. There were too many complaints.

Sarah beson

Sarah Benson.JPG

Sarah recently moved to the Denver area from a small town in upstate New York. Some accomplishments she’s proud of include hosting a monthly showcase in Rochester, NY, opening for comedians like Alice Wetterlund and Pete Holmes, and being called “silly” by one of her coworkers.

Michael jeffries

Michael Jeffries.jpg

What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three legs in the evening?

It's Michael Jeffries!

Michael is originally from the land without light, Des Moines Iowa. He made his escape to Denver where over the past 2 years he has made a name for himself as a local Chuckle-monger.

You can catch Michael hosting the Max Taps Comedy show every month in Highlands Ranch.  He is truly a comedian to watch, because he will steal your wallet.

Jo Kimbrell

Joanna Kimbrell.jpg

A stand-up mom and a stay-at-home comic," Jo Kimbrell charms crowds with her bold, irreverent sense of humor.  Her jokes shatter stereotypes of motherhood and womanhood, and nothing is off-limits.  A Colorado transplant and a Longmont resident, Jo can be seen doing comedy all over the front range, from sticky bar rooms to performing arts stages.  She has performed at High Plains Comedy Festival and is a co-producer of Longmont Laughfest.  She hosts of one of the area’s longest-running brewery shows at Finkel and Garf Brewing Co. as well as 8-Bit Comedy at Tilt Pinball in Louisville.

Harrison Garcia

Harrison Garcia headshot.jpg

Harrison Garcia is a comedian and musician based in Denver, CO. He hosts a monthly standup showcase at Jagged Mountain Brewery in Denver and showcase at Dry Dock Brewing in Aurora, because craft beer and laughter are a perfect pair. He is also a musician who released a mixtape of standup and original music that can be found at

Hannah Jones


Hannah is a writer and performer based out of Denver, Colorado. Originally from the South, she honors her southern heritage by shit-talking with a smile. You can see her perform all over Denver and read her writing in Apt, Split Lip, the Daily Tar Heel and more.